Japanese Journal of Human Geography Vol.75 No.3 (2023)

Vol. 75 No. 3 2023



Professor SUEO Yoshiyuki (213)

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Locations of Craftsmen Residential Sites in the Tosa Province, Analyzed from the Chosokabe Cadastral Books (217)

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Locations of Craftsmen Residential Sites in the Tosa Province, Analyzed from the Chosokabe Cadastral Books

Graduate Student, School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University

In this paper, the regional characteristics of Tosa Province at the end of the 16th century were clarified from the industrial perspective, by mapping the locations and distribution of craftsmen residential sites, analyzed from the Chosokabe Cadastral Books. In the past, geographical research aimed at clarifying regional characteristics on a scale within daimyo territories up to the Shokuho period was conducted only from the three perspectives of control, towns and cities, and flow. Therefore, I proposed a new perspective that clarifies the regional characteristics from the distribution of the industry at that time, by exhaustively and quantitatively mapping the distribution of craftsmen of several professions in an area.
As a result of the analysis, in addition to the characteristics of each occupation and region, the structure of Tosa Province was clarified, showing that the center of politics, culture, and handicrafts was in the Kochi Plain, wood-related industries and shipbuilding industries were actively carried out in the coastal areas, and products were transported through coastal routes. In addition, a comparison with the distribution of towns and cities revealed that craftsmen did not necessarily live there. It is presumed that craftsmen chose to live in locations that were suitable for their livelihoods, from the viewpoint of obtaining and processing raw materials, collaborating with other craftsmen, and shipping products. Although this is just one example, the results of this paper will be useful in future comparisons and examinations of the distribution of craftsmen and regional characteristics within other daimyo territories.

Key words: Chosokabe Cadastral Books, craftsmen, Tosa Province, residential sites, distribution

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