Annual Meeting

The HGSJ holds its annual meeting in November. The meeting is usually held at a university located in the Kinki region (including Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe) and at a university outside the region every third year. This meeting generally consists of special presentations, general presentations, poster presentations, general assemblies, social gathering, and field trip. In addition, research group meetings are often facilitated. More than 300 members usually attend the annual meeting.

Regular Meetings

In addition to the annual meeting, regular meetings are held in June and sometimes in July (for example, July 2017). The June meeting is organized outside the Kinki region. Such a meeting is often conducted in collaboration with a local geographical society. The regular meetings usually consist of general presentations, poster presentations, social gathering, and field trip.

Research Groups

The HGSJ has five research groups (Geographical Thought, Historical Geography, Metropolitan Area Studies, Geographical Education, and Tourism Space). Each group carries out its own activities, including meetings.

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