Special Features


The Human Geographical Society of Japan (HGSJ) has published twelve volumes of Chirigaku Bunken Mokuroku (Bibliography in Geographical Literature), covering the period between 1948 and 2009. Each volume includes a huge list of geographical literature mainly published by Japanese geographers during the past five years. The scope of these publications ranges from literature in human geography to physical geography. This bibliography series is a very valuable contribution to Japanese geography.

In addition, the HGSJ published Jimbun Chirigaku Jiten (Encyclopedia of Human Geography) in 2013. The society edited this voluminous publication, which had 788 pages, to briefly disseminate very extensive geographical research results to researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, secondary education teachers, and others.

Excellent Book/Paper Award

The HGSJ announces the Excellent Book/Paper Award annually. This has been our practice since 2001. Subjects of the award are decided on the basis of a report by the selection committee. The commendation ceremony is organized after the general assembly, which is held on the first day of the annual meeting. A detailed description of award winners and award reasons appear every fourth issue of the Jimbun Chiri or Japanese Journal of Human Geography (JJHG).

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